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Federation of Government College Teachers’ Associations (FEGOCTA), Manipur, is the first apex body of Government College teachers in Manipur on a permanent basis. Manipur is one of the oldest political entities though her status kept changing till it became a state of Indian Union in 1972. For many decades the state has been confronting with multiple challenges of disturbing conditions of education system, armed conflicts, ethnic identity politics, divergent political demands, unsustainable development etc affecting the academic, social, economic and cultural environment. The significance of FEGOCTA lies in its academic and intellectual ventures of organizing Seminars/Conferences and other activities in understanding and resolving social issues.

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Our Activities

Academic Activities

As an academic and intellectual movement and in pursuance of its objectives, FEGOCTA has ...

Representations to Government ...

FEGOCTA submitted to (1) the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India for transforming higher ...

Representations to Government ...

(1) To Governor of Manipur for constitution of Higher Education Service, implementation ...

Representations to UGC and MU

(1) Request to UGC for recognition of research guideship to the undergraduate colleges ...

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    Present Address for Correspondence:
    Manipur College, Singjamei , Imphal – 795 008 Manipur, India.


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To raise the standards and quality in higher education and relevant to the changing society

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