FEGOCTA Online Lectures

[for B.A. and B.Sc. Students of Manipur University and Dhanamanjuri University] [Will be useful for those who Love Knowledge and Aspirants for Civil Services & Other Competitive Examinations ]


Dr. N. Somorendro.

Convener, Online and E-Resources Cell and

General Secretary, FEGOCTA.

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Welcome to FEGOCTA Online Lectures, for B.A. and B.Sc. students, of Manipur University and Dhanamanjuri University. There are over fifty-five thousand students in the present 2nd, 4th and 6th Semesters of B.A. and B.Sc. courses in Manipur. The online lectures will be some help in the learning by the college students. The lectures will be useful for those preparing for civil services and other competitive examinations. Those who love knowledge and learning can watch these lectures. Parents and guardians, kindly ensure the students to watch the lectures on ISTV Nongin everyday at 11.30 A.M.

Except Manipuri subject, the lectures will be in English language. The lectures cover science, social sciences and humanities. The lectures include history of Manipur, Manipuri literature, history of South East Asia, government and politics in North East India. 

Coronavirus(Covid-19) and lockdowns have caused, unprecedented human crisis affecting health, economy and social life. Education is badly hit with closure of the colleges and universities. In Manipur students are deprived of classroom teachings for over 100 days (upto 27th June, 2020) due to the closure of the colleges. Uncertainty continues regarding the date of opening the colleges, and many Colleges are the quarantine centres in Manipur.

The online lecturers are the initiatives from FEGOCTA for some kind of learning during the closure of the colleges. FEGOCTA,  is the apex body of the government college teachers in Manipur, India.  Objectives and activities of FEGOCTA can be seen at www.fegocta.org.  

Online lectures cannot substitute traditional classroom teaching-learning. However, the fundamental question is how to help the students in their studies during lockdowns, reduce their stress and face uncertain future? Stress, depression and other mental issues have emerged, though no serious attention on these aspects. The online lectures will ensure some learning, knowledge and overcome the stress of the students. Education is not merely for examinations.

Appeal to the students: please watch and listen attentively to the lectures everyday at 11.30 A.M. on ISTV Nongin Channel. Please keep ready a pen and a note book, write down important points like in the normal classroom for future reading. One can also watch repeat telecast at 11.00 A.M. on the next day. The lectures will be available in YouTube link in FEGOCTA website: www.fegocta.org along with the study materials. Comment/s or suggestion/s for improvement on the online lectures is welcome from everyone. 

To stay fit, both mind and body, I request the students to follow the guidelines and protocols of World Health Organization, Governments of India and Manipur during Covid-19 pandemic. Students can perform some indoor exercises like stretching, deep breathing exercises, yoga etc, take up new activities like cooking and other creative hobbies, helping the parents etc. All these will improve relations within the family and will contribute to healthy life while staying home.

FEGOCTA is thankful to the Administrator/ Vice Chancellor of Manipur University, Registrar, Manipur University and Director and entire team of EMMRC, Manipur University and ISTV, Imphal for collaborating with FEGOCTA in this new venture, in the interests of the students and higher education.

We are thankful to the teachers from different colleges, who have volunteered and made the online lectures possible. The online lectures are also lesson and inspiration : that if we dream and work together, innovative and challenging goals can be achieved even during difficult times. 

Thank you for watching.


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