Officer Bearers   

1. Founder and Former Office Bearers  
    Founder President                 :  Smt L.Randhoni Devi (Imphal Colleg, Imphal ).
    Founder Vice-President        :  Ch.Rita Devi ( Modern College, Imphal)
    Founder General Secretary  :  Dr. K. Indramani Singh ( D.M. College of Arts, Imphal)
    Founder Joint Secretary       :  Dr. M. T. Achou ( Oriental College, Imphal )
    Founder Treasurer                : Y. Mala Devi (G.P. Women’s College, Imphal )
    Former President                  : Shri M. Govinda Singh (DM College of Science)
    Former Vice- President        : Dr. Ch. Sheelaramani ( D. M. College of Arts)   
    Former Joint Secretary        : Dr. Homen Thangjam ( M.B. College, Imphal )

2. Founder Advisors  
    1. Shri L. Nobinchndra Singh, Retired Associate Professor, D.M.College of Science,
    2. Dr. H. Indrakumar, Retired Associate Professor, Modern College,
    3. Dr. L. Jairaj Singh, Retired Associate Professor, Manipur College,
    4. Shri Y. Modhu Singh, Retired Associate Professor, Moirang College,
    5. Dr. A. Pishak Singh, Associate Professor, Lamka College, Churachanpur
    6. Shri K. Sethajit, Associate Professor, Imphal College,
    7. Shri N. Manikchand Singh, Retired Associate Professor, Y.K. College, Wanjing
    8. Shri S.M. Islamuddin, Retired Associate Professor, Lilong Haoreibi College,
    9. Dr. K. Maremmei, Associate Professor, Tamenglong College,
    10. Dr. Chonmila Lungleng, Retired Associate Professor, Pettigrew College, Ukhrul  
    11. Shri Y. Biren Singh, Retired Associate Professor , Presidency College, Motbung and
    12. Shri L.Loken Singh,  Retired Associate Professor, Thoubal College, Thoubal.

3. Present Officer Bearers
     President : Dr. A. Pishak Singh (Lamka College, Churachanpur)

    1. Dr. Kh. Mohan Singh ( Imphal College )
    2. Shri K. Sanaton Sharma ( G. P. Women’s College, Imphal )
    3. Dr. R.K. Indira ( M.B. College, Imphal )
    4. Dr. K. Indramani Singh ( D.M. College of Arts, Imphal)
    5. Dr. K. Maremmei (Tamenglong College)
    6. Dr. L. Rajen Singh (D.M. College of Science)

General Secretary
Dr. N. Somorendro Singh (Manipur College)

Joint Secretaries
    1.   Shri Abdul Hakim Shah (G.P.Women’s College)
    2.   Dr.H.Nilkant Singh (Y.K.College, Wangjing )
    3.   Dr. K. Anthony Singh (D.M. College of Science)
    4.   Dr. Dhanamanjuri Lourembam  (D.M. College of Arts)
    5.   Shri Th. Ibotombi Singh ( D. M. College of Arts )
    6.   Dr. B. Anilkumar Sharma ( Moirang College)
    7.   Dr. L. Ranjit Singh ( Imphal College)
    8.   Dr. N. Sarita (D.M. College of Science)
    9.   Dr. Ersilia Jajo ( Pettigrew College) and
    10. Dr. R.K. Babita Devi ( Imphal College).          

Dr. Th. Premita Devi ( Manipur College )
Dr. N. Nalini Devi ( G.P. Women’s College)

    1. Shri K. Sethajit (Imphal College)
    2. Dr. Th. Ranjit Singh (D.M. College of Science),
    3. Dr. L. Deven Singh ( Manipur College),
    4. Shri L. Vaiphei ( D.M. College of Arts ),
    5. Shri Ashok Roy Choudhury ( N.G. College)
    6. Nehzasoi Simte ( Churachanpur College),
    7. Dr. Kh. Jugindro Singh ( Thoubal College),
    8. Dr. K. Kunjani Devi ( Lilong Haoreibi College),
    9. Shri H. Kumar Singh ( Y.K. College)

3. The General Secretaries/Presidents/Representatives of the Government Colleges.


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